Day 1-5

Hi all!

I apologize in advance if this first post is a big mess! I started using the “notes” app from my I-phone, but was inspired by Mary to create a blog. So, I copied my first four days of journaling, which might be a little sloppy. This will get better, I promise!

Yum journal
Day one-today started off with a bang with my incredibly delicious Taffy Apple smoothie! I felt such exhilaration; not only from eating awesome plant based deliciousness, but also to find the sum of such simple ingredients to be exponentially greater than its parts! One of the best parts of my week was cooking my meals for the week, to alleviate the stress of, “what should I eat?” It really saved me when I got home from my yoga classes at 9:30 and needed to fill my belly! Feeling strong, and honest with myself. My biggest battle is the nighttime munches. Heading home from dinner and will want something sweet…
Day 2
Feeling great! On such a high that my smoothie was such a hit with my guru at Yumuniverse! Went to bed last night without eating myself into a coma. Had a big mug of chamomile and went to sleep! Felt more rested this morning as a result. Had my smoothie again this morning. Packed some bean chili and a salad with some almond red pepper brown rice crackers.
I forgot to mention my goals yesterday, but thought I’d jot them down:
*Simplify my relationship with food: I’ve started by simplifying my shopping experience. Taking a break from Costco and mega whole foods. Less temptation to overshop and waste foods. I joined Dill Pickle co op, bc it’s close by and it has the food that I want and a great bulk section!

*Shop local and support small businesses. My co op makes that simple for me!

*Stop overeating at night.

*Amp up my yoga practice and possibly incorporate running.

Those are a few, I’m sure more will come up later…

Lunch-enjoying my lunch hour scrolling through recipes for next week

Day 3- made a smoothie cleaning out the fridge for this week’s groceries. Kale, banana, berries, almond butter, spirulina, coconut water.
Ate some black bean brownie before bundling up and walking to the food co op with hubby Kegan. Favorite part of my week! I love the fresh air, exercise, not using the car, spending time with Kegan, and, of course, shopping for groceries! Having fun discovering the different brands of stuff, like brown rice pasta, etc. Also enjoying buying fewer packaged goods. Decided to dedicate the whole middle shelf of my fridge to greens. I want to include them at every meal.
Came home and ate up the leftovers from the week to make room in the fridge. Threw out very little this week! I typically throw out a ton of food that has gone bad, and I hate that!!! I get overly ambitious about things I’m going to make and often overshop. So, I’m feeling good about the choices I made this week. It also helped that I made a list of specific items for the week’s meals.
Going to start soaking stuff now, so I can do the bulk of my cooking for the week tomorrow. Throwing some russet potatoes in the oven to have for a quick filling meal component.

Day 4- started today off with my famous smoothie! Ran some errands, got some fun books from the library, including Born to Run and a raw book to help with sprouting.
Time to get cooking. I made chipotle pinto beans from Eat & Run, a huge pot of brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat for the shiitake stir fry, a huge pot of white beans, and threw a big batch of soaked almonds into the dehydrator. Started to prep the ingredients for the stir fry and then it was time to leave for yoga. After class, I picked Kegan up from work and came home. I jumped back in the kitchen and completed dinner ( and dessert, I had to make those sesame orange lace florentine cookies). They were so good. They tasted like orange caramels! I started going a little overboard and almost ate the pan. That’s when I crashed. I went into the front room to watch tv and unwind with Kegan. I overdid it with the cookies and it was catching up with me. I did not like the way I felt. I had to force myself to get up and take a shower and wash my hair for work tomorrow…it’s now 10:15, and I’m about to turn out the lights. I wanted to recap my day, first though. It was a productive day, but I hope I’m not too tired to start out my work week! If I turn out the lights now, I should get plenty of sleep to feel good. Good night!

Day 5
Had trouble sleeping last night. Felt anxious. Woke up before my alarm went off…not quite in that “well rested” state, but had a strange energy at the same time to clean up the kitchen until it was spotless. I was too tired to clean up last night. I think what happens once my two days off are over is that I get overwhelmed about the beginning of my work week. It snowballed when the bus I waited for could barely squeeze me on…then the train I transferred to didn’t come for another 15 minutes. Then I got to work late. Then a crazy customer that I had waited before came to the make up counter I work at and was making ME crazy. I took a deep breath and put things into perspective. None of what happened was that big of a deal, but I felt a loss of control. I’m feeling better now. Eating leftover buckwheat quinoa stirfry.  Happy belly…


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