Early Evening Recap – Day 6

Hi all!
So, I wanted to comment on my lunch today. Yummy it was, but something did not seem to sit well with me. Perhaps the combo of eating a green smoothie for breakfast and then having a large portion of raw cabbage in my lunch?!?! I felt a bit nauseated. Anyhow…I had some peppermint tea, and my tummy seemed to settle just fine after 30 minutes or so.
I’m off to yoga for the fourth day in a row! My stretch goal (pardon the pun) was to do four days a week to really get the benefits of the practice, and in the process, I think I’ve actually discovered my lower abdominal muscles! I didn’t know if I ever could find them under the nice cushy layers of tummy, but they are there and they’ve been working hard! My posture is improving, and I love the general sense of well being that I’ve felt.
On a side note, no pig outs on sweets last night. I had my healthy starchy Mexican bowl, and that seemed to satisfy me for the night. I slept better and feel more productive today! I just need to remind myself of these things!
I have to admit, I was completely reluctant to journal at all. I don’t know if it was sheer laziness, or fear of facing my emotions. At any rate, I really feel like I’m learning a lot about myself!
Off to yoga! It’s been a great day!


2 thoughts on “Early Evening Recap – Day 6

  1. Girl you just go with this. All the conscious efforts we are making to improve ourselves are worth it! Who would have thought we could push ourselves this far with yet more to discover. It’s worth all the effort all these things we do to better our souls and bodies. Don’t stop you inspire others!

  2. It’s amazing that you have a 4 day per week yoga goal! By the sound of it, it’s an intensive type of yoga, since you’ve discovered new muscles šŸ™‚

    I’m also doing yoga and discovering body parts, but i practice something called Osteo Yoga, which is all about bones, structure and grounding, and we work on gaining accessibility to parts of our bodies that have become blocked over the years. For instance yesterday i discovered i had a hip lol! It’s silly to say, but i never felt it in that way before, i was so acutely aware of it.

    And you know what? The plant-based diet really helps, because it makes us more sensitive, more aware of changes in the body, and lighter in general. What we eat is much more easily digested and assimilated, versus meats & animal products that are so dense.

    I had the same reluctance towards a blog, but i’m still doing it. I didn’t know if i’d be able to find the time or if i’d know what to write, but so far it seems to be happening naturally, yay! So yeah, keep it up because you’re doing yourself, and others who read you, lots of good. xo

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