Morning – Day 7

Good morning!
I’m sitting down to a bowl of homemade granola with the recipe from Scott Jurek’s book. All this Yum Universe talk about a huge post on different kinds of dairy-free milks got me wanting some fresh made hemp milk! It’s really simple. One tablespoon of hemp seeds per one cup of water into the blender, and there’s your milk! Also, feel free to adjust flavors with sea salt and agave. I’m taking a break from a green smoothie today, which kind of bums me out; I love the idea of getting my greens in so early in the day! I also love the way I feel, but I don’t want to get burnt out.
I forgot to mention how much yoga kicked my butt last night! I just kept powering through, because I knew that I’d have a three day break until Sunday, so I really wanted to get the most out of it. When I crawled into bed last night, I simply could not keep my eyes open to read, so I passed out.
This has been a great time to begin the challenge, because my life is relatively stress free. My husband has been at a full time job for the past month, which is so wonderful after the struggles of 2012. I’m so happy for him! He is incredibly talented, intelligent, and charismatic, so now he gets to share those qualities with his new company! I’m so proud of him.
Kegan is also so supportive of my goals and always has been. I wouldn’t be making it to all of my classes if it weren’t for him! He has promised to be there waiting for me to drive me home when my classes are over which is a HUGE help! I’m usually tired and
relaxed, and just want to get home! So, he saves me from the stress of public transportation in Chicago; which can be unreliable and slow at night.
In addition, I realize that I am incredibly lucky to have someone so supportive of my food endeavors. Our gradual transition to plant-based food has happened somewhat organically over the past few years. I have always been the cook of the relationship, so naturally he followed my lead when it came to what we shopped for at the grocery store. But, I never forbade him from eating meat. He always said “you cook, and I eat!”
I’ll never forget when he subtly announced his vegetarianism to me a few years ago. He was going to Austin, Texas for work, and commented on how strange it was going to be for him to not eat barbecue when he was down there. I was so touched, because I knew that was his way of telling me that he was committed to vegetarianism..over time we knew it made sense to eliminate dairy and eggs, too. I feel such gratitude that he’s been by my side on this fun journey, even though there have been some bumpy roads.
At any rate, my bowl of granola is now empty. Going to cook up a few more things, since I have extra time this morning before starting work at noon. I’m going to do the macaroni and cheese from Yumuniverse, and some simple cannelini beans with spicy kale. I’m trying to figure out how to post the links so you can look at these awesome recipes…for now, I’ll copy and paste the link:

It’s especially good with a small amount of chipotles in adobo puréed into the sauce. Also, I have no broccoli, so I’ll sub in some chopped collard greens. This is soooo good!


6 thoughts on “Morning – Day 7

  1. Hi Georgianne! It’s nice to read about someone else’s challenge and the way they are living it 🙂

    Well i’m calling it a challenge because of the YU30, but when it comes down to it, this is a lifestyle change and i wanted this for myself for a long time now! It sounds like you and your husband too, were heading in the same direction as me, and we fell upon the challenge at the right moment. Timing really is everything… I’m really grateful that there’s a little community with whom i can share through writing, and document the change as it’s going on. Don’t you find it easier this way? It seems to me like blogging, cooking and taking pics of foods i’m preparing, getting inspired by others’ food ideas and commenting, everything’s contributing to keeping me motivated. Otherwise, in my immediate circle i don’t have any vegetarians…

    My boyfriend Pat has mentioned to me that he had tried being veggi in the past, but it didn’t work out for him because he didn’t substitute for the meat properly, and got really skinny and lethargic over the weeks. I told him that if he’s into it, i can help him transition along, and he’s always eaten the stuff i prepare with pleasure. Sometimes i even forget that he’s not vegetarian. But the chicken wings incident from last weekend reminded me that i can’t just suppose everyone’s ready to make the same lifestyle changes as me. In a way i get it, he’s still at the stage where he’s now buying groceries and eating at home, instead of eating in diners or fast food places. It’s already an improvement, and life’s a step by step process.

    All and all to say, you’re lucky your life partner’s into being healthy. It’s huge, really. xo

    • Thank you for reaching out! I appreciate your encouraging words that my blogging is helpful in the community! It’s funny that living in a big city like Chicago, I’m surrounded by meat eaters! I guess it is the Midwest, but you think there would be a lot of vegans, too. I’m sure there are, I just don’t really know them!
      I agree with you wholeheartedly. This challenge has completely surpassed my expectations in so many ways. I feel so great to have been connected to people like you! And I’m learning a lot about myself through blogging! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of this month will go! 🙂

  2. You know, i wanted to tell you, the only other time in my life when i felt so healthy and energetic was when i visited Chicago a few years back. It just turned out that way! I had worked as a tree planter (for the first and only time in life) in the west of Canada, in the northern regions of British Columbia. Having spent 3 months in the woods, i had become a bit of a hippy lol! I had also picked up some bad habits, like smoking and eating bacon, of all things… I know what you would say, vegetarian with a side of bacon? What is that lol! It was weird, but i guess it was my way of reacting to the stress and strain that planting put on me physically and mentally.

    All and all to say that after planting, i went traveling with the intention of visiting some friends. By the time i made it to Chicago to visit my friend Alan, i had already stopped smoking, and i hadn’t had anymore meat of any type. I felt good about the “going back to normal”, but wanted to do a “cleanse” of sorts, so i decided to eat raw while in Chicago. I spent 3 wonderful weeks visiting the city while Alan worked, and hanging out with him when he was free. I also ate an 85% raw diet, made up of ginormous every-vegetable salads & cooked quinoa every dinner. I complemented that with nuts & dried fruit mixes for lunch, and a protein-type bar for breakfast. I absolutely loved the experience. My body needed just that.

    So i associate Chicago to discovering new and beautiful things, a good friend (who no longer lives there unfortunately), and being super healthy. Those 3 weeks for me were almost magical. Anyway i know it’s very different when you live somewhere versus visiting for a time period, but i loved Chicago and always think back on it fondly 😛 I just wanted to share this little story cuz you’re living there!

    • Wow! That’s quite a complement coming from someone in Montreal!!! I love Montreal! I went there a few years back with my mom and sister. We had been to Toronto a couple of times, (my mom has cousins there); and we decided it was time to see beautiful Montreal! So charming and European! I loved the cobblestone streets. It’s so fun to feel more connected to greater distances and inspired by others with the same goals! Did you go to Karyn’s Raw Cafe when you were here? I have discovered some fun foods there over the years. I went through a phase of cracking my own coconuts and drinking a smoothie with the water and coconut meat blended together. I can’t think of a more delicious treat. Yum!!! Hope you’re having a great day!

      • Oh if only you knew my love for coconut… You touched a sensitive spot tough, because i’ve never cracked my own… In fact i wouldn’t even know where to start, like for instance how do you choose them, and how do you know if they’re ripe. What do you crack them with, and how do you make sure you don’t spill the water all over. Tell me more Georgianne!! Pls 😛

      • I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog! I have a taste for toasted eggplant now!!! :). So, the coconuts that I have bought are “young Thai coconuts”, so not the hairy “mature” coconuts that we see on the beach! I’ve bought them at natural food stores with part of the skin already chopped off. They would’ve been a big green orb, but when I purchase them, they are round with a pointed done shape on top, wrapped in cellophane. I bought a large cleaver per recommendation of a raw food book I had bought. You start by turning your coconut sideways and shave off the “pith” until you get to the hard shell. Then, The trick is to find the three sensitive spots on top of the domed area. You take the heel of the knife and smash into the area of “sensitivity” and a circular fracture occurs. You keep smashing until you break through the coconut, but be careful. That’s when water can shoot out. Once I get a hole big enough, before trying to remove the top of the coconut, I attempt to pour the water out. Then you use your knife
        to wedge into the slight crack you’ve made to pop off the top. Then, you take a spoon and scoop out the delicious meat! I’m almost positive that heather talks about working with coconuts, so her description is probably much clearer!!!

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