Evening – Day 7

Hi all!
When I got to work today, I learned that we were having a luncheon training, so I would be fed today. The restaurant that was serving us is actually part of the store, so I called them to request my vegan option. I never know what they’ll serve, but usually it’s plain mixed greens with a few other random veggies. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I get a quarter of an avocado or a few almonds! It frustrates me that they are so clueless, but I don’t want to be insulting because I’m not paying for my meal. They don’t have much of a selection of plant based entrees on the regular menu, which is why I never eat there anyhow. Do they honestly think that that is how vegan’s sustain themselves?!?! I EAT. A LOT. I’ve got to figure out a polite suggestion for them. In the past, I’ve suggested some chickpeas or quinoa to be added to the salad for sustenance, but it fell on deaf ears. Oh well, at least I had packed my lunch anyhow. About two hours after the training, I heated up my embellished version of Yum universe’s cannellini beans and kale:



I threw in a leek and some celery because I want to waste no veggies in my fridge. I ate it over quinoa with a squeeze of lemon juice, and it helped tide me over until dinner tonight.

It was so perfect to have made dinner this morning, because Kegan and I were so tired when we got home tonight at 8:30. I threw the cheesy chipotle macaroni that I made with collards into a pot with a bit of water to reliquify the sauce, and viola! On a snowy Chicago night, that was some true comfort food. I had some carob chia pudding that forgot I had in the fridge at work, and now I’m winding down before bed!

On a funny side note, I thought I’d comment on the “weighing in” part of the YU challenge. I don’t want to obsess over that aspect with my food endeavors, but I thought it might be good to see where I am on a scale now versus the end of my 30 day challenge. Well, I stepped on the scale, and it just said “Lo”…I guess the battery needs to be changed! Maybe someone’s trying to tell me something…someone who knows it will be a while before I get around to buying the special battery required for the scale! Maybe I just shouldn’t sweat it!


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