Evening – Day 8

Today started with some more homemade granola and hemp milk. My husband asked to have some hemp milk, which made me happy; he loves his store bought coconut milk, and these homemade milks will definitely save us some cash.

My morning was pretty much stress free, because Kegan was able to get me partway to work on his way out in the morning. It forces me to leave early, and it cuts down on the annoying commute I go through to get to my job (which is only 5 miles from my apartment)! PS-I usually bike commute to work most of the year, but I take a break when it’s too icy and cold. I got to work almost 40 minutes early, which gave me plenty of time to primp in the mirror and get pretty to sell some cosmetics! This has become an important ritual that I think I have neglected at times. I run late in the morning, don’t have time to properly get ready for work…it snowballs into frustration that I don’t feel “put together”. It’s all part of having a positive self-image. I work in the beauty industry, and it can often make me more critical of my appearance than a job in another field could. I’ve definitely gone through some dumpy phases in my career where I felt like it was just too much to keep up with. But lately, the vibrancy of my diet, coupled with a few other shifts in priorities (mainly a good night’s rest), have given me a renewed energy! My skin has never been clearer than when I have been on a clean diet. I feel more confident and happy.

Lunch was last night’s leftovers…the cheesy macaroni with collard greens. I sprinkled some kale chips on like croutons for some crunch! Yum!



Tonight was date night. We went for South Indian Vegetarian food. Our date nights are something special I look forward to. We try to do them on the cheap, but we go to dinner at least once a week. I feel we earn it, especially after all of our homemade cooking! I was so proud of myself. I ate a lot, but stopped when I was in a good place.


These came in the mail today…I know, I know. I need to cool it. These are my weakness! I ordered them on Vegancuts.com which I just discovered a few weeks ago, and my brain almost went into overload. I didn’t even let myself “sample” them, because I figured I’d done enough with the Indian dinner. I’ll let you know how they are, though!


The support I feel through writing my thoughts and sharing them here has been keeping me strong and happy! So, thank you! Off to bed!


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