Evening – Day 10

Well, I am happy to say today was a lovely day. Despite staying up a bit late last night, my body woke me up around 8:00. We stayed in bed and read for a bit, and I scanned some recipes and put together a grocery list for this week’s food. Then I started getting hungry…

I decided to make myself a creamy warm drink, so I heated up some of my homemade hemp milk and blended it with some Dandy Blend and sweetened it with some cardamom jaggery (which is basically an unrefined sugar that is popular in many parts of the world).




It was delish! And it bought me some time to throw together breakfast, because I was getting pretty hungry at that point. I had just a bit of brown rice left from the batch I made last week, and I was inspired by one of the YU (Yum Universe) recipes that uses quinoa and amaranth to take on the flavors of cinnamon toast:



I added my rice to a pot with a bit of water to reheat into a porridge, and stirred in a spoonful of coconut oil and a shake of cinnamon and salt. Then, I grated some Granny Smith apple, toasted a few pecans and drizzled some maple syrup on top! It was incredible!!!

I cleaned up the disaster I created in the kitchen, and Kegan and I got ready to shop for groceries. We had enjoyed our walk last week, but it was raining this morning, so we drove. I was bummed, but we had no choice. I bought a ton of greens today, and the guy checking us out said we had the “Noah’s Ark” of greens, which was so cute to me!


That’s a look at them in the fridge! Pretty! I bought rainbow chard, lacinato kale, collards, escarole, and butter lettuce. I’d better squeeze them into every meal this week! I have to pat myself on the back, because aside from a moldy knob of ginger, we threw no food out this week! Usually, after we get back from the store, we go through the fridge and discover all of the forgotten foods that have turned into science experiments and fill the garbage with a bunch of stinky food. So, it felt great to avoid that.

It was about time for lunch. I decided to steam up some collards, I think I remember Mary wrapping her leftover chickpea jerk wraps with them. The leaves were on the smaller side, so I made little bite size wraps and a big salad of escarole and butter lettuce with some shredded carrot! I couldn’t resist the presentation. It excites me to have a pretty plate!




I added way more ranch dressing, by the way, it was so good!

I cleaned up, started soaking a big jar of black beans, some quinoa, millet, and cashews. My stomach had been feeling a little queasy since after breakfast, so I thought I’d make a little tea. I sat on the couch and passed out. I woke up an hour later feeling a little out of it, but kinda hungry. So, I air popped some popcorn, and drizzled it with flax oil, nutritional yeast, and salt. I got that idea from Scott Jurek, which I think is genius. Why gulp a big spoonful of flax oil, when you can add it to your popcorn and get a buttery flavor! All while getting your omega 3’s!!!

I got ready to go to yoga, and because I didn’t want go crazy with cooking projects today, I avoided starting anything elaborate in the kitchen. I want to feel rested for the week. Plus, my other day off this week is Wednesday, so I can do some cooking then. Instead, I hung up some clothes and put away some clean laundry that had been sitting in the basket all week.

I rode my bike to yoga, since the studio is close by. Plus, a lot of the ice had melted today, so I felt pretty safe biking. It was good to get the fresh air. My class was great, and my tummy seemed to be a bit better.

I got home and heated the last of my cannelini beans from the week. I threw them in a pot with water to make a soupy dish and added a small spoon of instant veggie broth to add a bit of flavor. I also threw in half a potato that I had baked in the oven earlier today, and heated everything up.


Then I stirred in a spoon of nutritional yeast and broke up the potato into little bites as I enjoyed the other ingredients in the soup along with it. It was creamy and brothy at the same time. I love that.

I watched a bit of tv and took a shower, with plans to turn into bed early. No dessert tonight, and I’m not missing it. Going to get a good night’s rest and wake up for a productive morning in the kitchen before work! With all of my writing, Kegan has resolved to get up an hour early so he can do some writing of his own!

Good night!


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