Evening – Day 11

I popped out of bed this morning without an alarm even going off! I knew I couldn’t sleep in, because I wanted to cook up my grains and black beans and cool them to put in the fridge before leaving for work AND clean up the aftermath. I was amazed at my efficiency! I cooked a huge pot of black beans, and also made my quinoa and millet for the week. I made my Taffy apple smoothie, and packed a fun salad for lunch with this cool container that my sister tipped me off to:


It’s so perfect because it has the mini containers on top to hold separate ingredients until the salad is ready to be eaten! Genius! So, I did some butter lettuce and escarole, a scoop of quinoa, black beans, spicy salsa, ranch dressing and avocado. I also threw some crunchiness in with a mix of dehydrated cashews and onions from a raw food shop that I had bought a little while ago. It was fantastic!


I also had some superfood bites as a little dessert. They had dried blueberries, dates, chia seeds, and maca, among other ingredients. Then I drank some peppermint tea. I drank a ton of water in the afternoon to keep my energy going.

All day, I felt like a well-oiled machine! No sluggishness. Things that I normally procrastinate doing at work, I jumped right into. I was so productive at work today. It felt wonderful.

Tonight I met with my sister and friends for our sushi club. An interesting thing for a vegan to be part of, but fun, nonetheless! It’s really an excuse to see my friends every month, and this is our third year of various themed dining excursions. Our first year was pizza, the second, brunch, and this year, sushi (I’m pretty sure I had missed the week that was decided on šŸ™‚ ). I wasn’t really happy about the idea of it, but it has been a fun challenge. And there are actually a lot of places in Chicago that have great vegan options! Tonight I was able to have three different kinds of rolls! One was just shiitake in a soy marinade. Another had tempura (non-egg) asparagus, kanpyo gourd, cucumber and avocado. The last had tofu, shiitake and lettuce.


It was the best vegan sushi experience yet! It’s fun to discover these things! Turning in now, I have to be at an early meeting at work in the morning AND I’m making my friend dinner for her birthday tomorrow! I’m going to make the broccoli quiche! Can’t wait!


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