Evening – Day 13 Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

I woke up this morning, excited to have a day off in the middle of the week to squeeze in some more cooking projects! I woke up, enjoyed a smoothie and packed up to go to yoga and run a few errands on my bike. Even though it was a chilly day, the sun brought me cheer! It was so beautiful outside.

I went to my class, and I felt like a bad yogi because I was brainstorming about what I was going to cook up today…maybe a black bean soup…I had half a green pepper and some onion in the fridge…ooh that sounded good…I had to keep pulling my focus back to the present moment, which is one of the strongest lessons that yoga teaches me: be present. I enjoyed my class very much, and I really put myself into it. I had a book on gardening in small spaces waiting for me at the library, so I picked that up and ran a few other errands.

I had all these thoughts racing through my head about making the soup for lunch, and the kale millet salad for dinner. Then I remembered I had that awesome quiche in the fridge! It had firmed up beautifully overnight as mentioned in the recipe, so I cut a nice slice. I was suddenly ravenous, so I had some kale chips while I impatiently waited for my quiche to heat up. Then, I had a leftover cupcake from last night. That was really good. I pulled another one out of the fridge and smeared some coconut frosting. I took a bite. Man, I was wiped out. I stopped with the cupcake, realizing I was full and in a food coma. Instead of all my crazy cooking projects, I listened to my body and laid down to read my Born to Run book with a heating pad to keep me cozy. I decided a was going to enjoy the next few hours in relaxation. Aaaahhhhh. It felt nice to read. I never have the time. When I get into bed with intentions to read, I usually pass out. I actually did start to doze off, but then the phone rang, and it was my mom! Time to catch up on the last few days. It’s probably better I didn’t sleep too long, because then I’d really feel out of it. We chatted for a while, our conversations are never short :). I read some more, and then I was feeling anxious to get back in the kitchen!

I had been wanting to pop my amaranth for a while, and serendipity brought me to the YU Popped Amaranth Bread:


I thought it would be perfect with the black bean soup I was going to make. I also decided to look up the YU recipe for that, too:



How cute is popped amaranth! Freaking adorable. As mentioned in Heather’s tutorial, I burned the first tablespoon, but after that it was fine! So fun to watch all the little dots pop!

The bread turned out sweet, almost like a breakfast bar. I could see myself snacking on leftovers on the morning.


I decided to sneak some collard greens into the soup, because I went bonkers buying greens on Sunday. They worked beautifully with the recipe.


I had no sunflower seeds for the cream, so I simply used half cup cashews. Delicioso!

Okay, so here’s when things kicked into high gear. I was determined to make the Valentine cookies with beet juice. I also had enough beans from the huge pot I made to whip up flourless black bean brownies.



I made a huge mess trying to blend my brownies, and transfer them to the baking dish. But I did manage to get every last bit out of the mixer by adding a small amount of hot water and making hot cocoa! Waste not, want not! It was delightful! On to the cookies. Again, huge mess. My fault. I was trying to blend the one little beet that I had saved from the package when making the cupcakes last night. You should see what a pink mess the kitchen was. There wasn’t enough liquid for it to blend in my blender, so then I transferred it to my mini mixer ( I didn’t want to dilute the color by adding too much water). Then I squeezed it through a small tea strainer. The color wasn’t quite as beautiful and vibrant as with the beet juice, but still of the reddish persuasion. Good enough for me. Did I mention how much dough I sampled before rolling out these bad boys?!?! Yum. Yeah, I have a bit of tummy ache…at any rate, I think I’m good to go with some special treats tomorrow for those who are special to me!


Oh, how I could I forget?!?! This next photo was actually what REALLY inspired this post’s title. Yep. I did it. I fashioned a damn heart cookie cutter out of a star that I had a duplicate of. I was thinking about it all day…how will I make the heart cookies?!?!


(Thank you Kegan for allowing me to raid your tool chest). Where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way!!!!!


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