Evening – Day 14 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today was a day filled with love!!!! As I got ready for work, I decided to pack a little YumUniverse treat box to surprise my sister with! Since I have a key to her place, I thought if would be fun to sneak it into her house for her to discover when she got home! It was nice, because it also allowed me to squeeze in a visit with my babies!!!



Toula, pictured top, is almost nine, and my sister and I bought her when she was only three months old!!! Sadly, when Kegan and I moved in together about six years ago, she stayed with her other mommy. Then, a short while ago, my sister rescued another dog of the same breed (a Chinese crested hairless), and named him Tasso! I love them to bits, and fortunately, both they and my sister are only about a mile away!

So, the morning started out great! Also, before going to my sister’s, I took beginner running advice from my YU pal Mary, and I did a short run! I’m excited to build up a routine! Reading all these inspirational books about runners has really given me the itch.

I had a great lunch of leftovers packed today, including my awesome black bean collard soup, popped amaranth bread, and the last precious slice of my broccoli quiche. Oh, and a black bean brownie!

Kegan picked me up from work to celebrate a special Valentine dinner, and he gave me a cool little ring that looks like leaves wrapping around my finger! It’s so cool! We ate at Green Zebra for dinner. We had been excitedly waiting to use the gift card Kegan’s aunt and grandmother from the other side of the country thoughtfully researched and sent to us! It’s an amazing vegetarian special occasion restaurant, with an increasingly growing vegan menu. They had a prefix menu including vegan options and we had some great bites!






It was nice not to feel gorged after dinner, although I was kind of fantasizing about coming home and eating some more sweets. I stopped myself, though. I made a cup of chamomile and crawled under the covers.

Hope you had a special day, too! Have a good night!



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