Evening – Day 15

Well, today was an emotional roller coaster…I’m not really sure where to start.

I did my short run to ease myself into the routine of building up my stamina. It was chilly! Note to self, bring a handkerchief on next run! My nose was runny and I was trying to really focus on my breathing. I’m glad I did it, and it felt good to have it under my belt.

I was a little snippy with Kegan when I got home from my run and was getting ready for work. I didn’t really feel control over my emotions, and I’m sorry, but I think it was hormonal. I apologized to Kegan, and made my way out the door for work.

I was happy to get to work early, so my morning was less stressful. I’ve really enjoyed that. I received a text from Kegan that we got a parking ticket this morning. That was frustrating to me, but I put it in perspective. It wasn’t that big of a deal. But then things really snowballed. Out of respect for my husband’s privacy, I won’t go into details. But, now that I’ve brought this situation up it will be hard to tiptoe around. Part of being in a relationship is working things out. And today, that is what we spent a lot of the day working on. We will be strong together and work through this challenge we’ve been presented with.

I really needed yoga tonight. I only had two nights of yoga for the week, so I especially wanted to squeeze in another class. Plus, this was a restoration class. It was really perfect. I needed to ease my anxiety.

Kegan, my partner, was outside waiting for me after class. We drove home, and I was able to put together the creamy millet and kale salad in no time.



Since I had cooked the millet earlier in the week and had presoaked cashews, it really helped. I can see why it’s a weekly staple for Heather at Yum Universe! I have to say, the cashew based sauces have been a real favorite for me. I think other YU pals have expressed this, and I wholeheartedly agree…who needs cheese when you have these delicious nut-based sauces!!!

I had a few heart cookies and pulled myself away before I went overboard. I am wiped out and looking forward to starting over tomorrow. It’s been a challenging day, but I tried to avoid letting food be my crutch.


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