Day 18 – A Lovely Day Off

Today was the beginning of my “weekend”, and I wanted to squeeze in a lot, while striking a balance of not doing TOO much.

This morning started with a continuation of yesterday’s food items! I decided to finish “baking” my oatcakes in the dehydrator; it made perfect sense since I was already using it to dehydrate my cocoa almond kale crunchers. It makes me happy to use my gadgets! (Especially since my dehydrator has definitely gone through phases of dormancy). I’m happy to say that YU has definitely inspired me to use it more, and it doesn’t feel like such a chore! Both items turned out beautifully!

I left the apartment for my run and decided to crank it up just a tad, and run a bit longer with shorter breaks. It felt great! It was a pretty morning in Chicago, before it clouded up in the afternoon and started misting…I love the feeling of accomplishment when I start my day out that way!

I came home to a well deserved breakfast of oatcakes with some coconut butter and raw honey a la Heather! Kegan had also requested I whip up some hemp milk for him to have with his cereal, so I poured myself a glass. I threw in an orange for good measure…



I dropped Kegan off at work and ran to the grocery store. I picked up some delicious new finds this week! The co-op had some beautiful mustard greens, arugula, and these beautiful little nuggets of caramel delight, “barhi dates”. I did a little research on them, and they are described as tasting like butterscotch candy, and being the sweetest, softest dates. Apparently, they have a short harvest window, so I think I’m going to try to stock up on more next week if they’re still around. They’re so cute and yummy!


I love these little treasures at my co-op, trying a different type of apple (like the “piñata” that I bought last week) and learning the subtle difference in flavors that these gems hold!

Speaking of gems, I had to quickly put away my groceries, and heat up last night’s leftovers, so that I could head down to my brother’s house to see my nephews! I can’t believe how much time I’ve let pass since I’ve seen them. At the ages of one and almost five, they are changing so quickly! I was also able to squeeze in some time with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law, so it was a lovely afternoon!



It’s hard to get a still photo of these energetic little fellas! I have to throw this one in, too. It was so cute! Lou was LOVING his clementines so much, he devoured two in mere moments!!! Good boy! 🙂


I packed some YU treats for my mom to sample, and they were a hit! My brother enjoyed a bite of the flour less black bean brownies, and was intrigued to know the ingredients!

I scooted out before it got too late, because I wanted to squeeze in one of my favorite yoga classes, and then pick up Kegan from work. Oh boy, my legs are going to feel something tomorrow. (I’m sure the run this morning added to that feeling). Our teacher had us do this seemingly simple exercise at the beginning of class that had my quad muscles shaking the entire rest of the class! I picked up Kegan from work, and he dropped me off at home so he could squeeze in some exercise at the gym before dinner. I was feeling hungry, but didn’t want to ruin my appetite. So, I chugged a bunch of water, and enjoyed a pink lady apple. I love how delicious fresh fruit tastes when you’re feeling hungry. It did the trick.

I made the peppered lentil recipe from YU with some modifications:

I had no red pepper, and I was using up the other half of my buttercup squash soup, and I had to use up that millet which was on the brink of needing to be tossed. I rinsed the cooked millet well, and it tasted fine, so I served everything on top of that with some red pepper stuffed green olives for a briny effect. The lemon juice tied everything together beautifully.


I ate a a few “butterscotch” dates and a small portion of the black bean brownies, while Kegan and I sat on speaker phone with his mom, (my second mom). I’m so lucky to have two great moms. After that, I cleaned up the kitchen. Then, I drew a bath with some Epsom salts and let my muscles soak. Aaahhh. It was a perfect day!


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