Day 20 – Busy Day At Work

This morning, I woke up to another chilly Chicago day. Those oatcakes have been the perfect morning comfort food slathered with coconut oil and honey. I warmed a cup of herbal tea, chopped up a Granny Smith apple, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast! For lunch, I packed the last of the peppered lentils with kale and buttercup squash.

Today, I knew I was going to be walking into a hectic environment at work, so I tried to enjoy some calming thoughts over breakfast and during my commute to work in the swirl of public transportation chaos. I’m getting better at it! It’s definitely a great skill to work on, a meditation of sorts.

When I arrived at work, I did feel a little scattered and overwhelmed, though. It was the first day of a big event that we’re having at the store. It’s sort of our spring make-up kick off. It’s like a gift-with-purchase event on crack, and it lasts for close to two weeks! It’s a marathon of sorts, and can be very grueling. I’ve obviously gotten better at handling it, but there’s always that worry, “Will we make our ever-growing sales goals?”

In the day and age of the Internet (and thus shopping) at one’s fingertips, it often worries us that our jobs are eventually becoming obsolete. Obviously, the skill of make-up artistry can go in many directions, and the Internet can not replace artistry nor the joy of human interaction…but…well, who knows. I’m happy to have had success with what I do for a living, especially through the dips in the economy. And I feel like things are on the upswing, so I shall embrace that for now.

I quickly got a system together for completing the orders that my clients had placed, and remained focused. All in all, it was kind of exhausting, but not overwhelming. I could’ve easily decided not to go to yoga, because I had a busy day at work, but I went and I enjoyed it a lot.

(On a side note, I shared some cocoa almond crunchers with my omnivore friend who has a similar appreciation for kale, and she LOVED them! She wants to pay me to make them for her! I refused, and instead told her I’ll bring more tomorrow 🙂 )

I came home to a hearty bowl of cauliflower chowder with half a baked potato. I dropped a scoop of chipotle hummus in it to make it creamy and spicy, and a bit of avocado. Perfect end to my day. I showered, brushed my teeth, and quickly jumped into bed before the chocolate could tempt me! Sometimes I have to play these little tricks on myself to avoid late night sweets takeovers when I am too vulnerable to back down. Now, I’m glued to the bed and it would not be worth it to even MOVE at this point! Good night!



2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Busy Day At Work

  1. Georgianne,
    I’ve been following your blogs every night for the last week and all I have to say is “I’m so proud of you.” I can recall a time sitting around the lunch table at work discussing the need for you to write about your cooking. Your blogs are not only informative but entertaining and give me the reader a little insight onto your interesting life. Thanks for sharing your stories and please never stop.
    Love, P. xo

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