Day 25 – Pancakes: A Lesson In Humility

Confession…last night I ate the rest of that chocolate bar and felt tired and wired at the same time! This is what transpired…


I had started researching my recipes for the week, and the excitement came over me. So, I ground up some oats for oat flour in the vitamix; made almond butter in my cuisinart (I used my previously soaked and dehydrated almonds and added some pink Himalayan sea salt and coconut oil) started fermenting teff for injera; and soaked buckwheat, cashews, and sunflower seeds for various other recipes. These were a few of my must tries from Yumuniverse for this week:

So, I had a head start! I went to bed, excited to make the pancakes and some sort of berry compote. I woke up early enough to make breakfast for Kegan before he headed out the door on his bike for work! (He thought he’d squeeze in a day on the bike while the weather was cooperating). I had my ingredients ready and got busy! The batter tasted yummy! I decided to use one of my larger pans that wasn’t a nonstick, and this is what happened…ugh!


I didn’t want Kegan to eat yucky pancakes so I switched to my trusty nonstick skillet. Much better!


I love berry sauces with my pancakes, so I took some frozen mixed berries and puréed them, and then heated them on the stove with lemon juice. I turned off the heat, and stirred in some chia seeds to help it thicken up a bit. Pretty! What a treat for breakfast!



I cooked up the rest to have tomorrow morning, and cleaned up the mess I had made.

I was excited to ride my bike today for errands, because the weather seemed somewhat mild. I met with my friend Erica for lunch at Native Foods with her cute little girl (the one I babysat on Saturday)! What a treat to see them again so soon!


Erica surprised me by treating to lunch for babysitting, which was so not necessary! We had a buffet of sorts; native nachos, sweet potato fries, soul bowl, and the OC chopper salad. I didn’t even get to the salad, and we had a bunch of leftovers! I had promised to pick Kegan up something for lunch, since he was jealous I was going to Native Foods. But I had so many leftovers, I just brought him those! I was feeling vibrant and enjoying the fresh air, and I felt it silly to stop home and get my car to pick up groceries only a mile away from my apartment; so I continued on my fun bike trek, and at least hoped it would help me stay on budget to only buy what I could carry in my backpack and side basket!



Phew! I made it. It felt good to ride a few miles about town today! I sat down when I got home and checked some e-mails…then…I. HIT. A. WALL. I had only gotten six or so hours of sleep, and maybe the same the night before, and it caught up to me at that moment. (I am adamant about 8-9 hours of sleep; I know it’s not something that I prioritized for most of my life, and now I appreciate the increased energy from it). I quickly put the frozen/refrigerated items away and left the other items to be dealt with later. I sat on the couch under my heated blanket and read a bit. I passed out, and awoke in a crabby/groggy state. I sat there for a while too tired to read, but didn’t want to sleep anymore either. Yoga was definitely not going to happen today. Kegan came home from work at that point, amused by the fact that I had left my biking mask on while laying on the couch. He said I looked like an astronaut. (It felt cozy)!

Fortunately, I had my untouched salad from lunch and Kegan had other leftovers to heat up for dinner. No prep needed. I enjoyed the huge colorful salad.


But then something took over after dinner and I had a sweet tooth that couldn’t be satisfied. I ate a huge hunk of the black bean brownies from last week. I dug up a chocolate bar from the pantry. I ate a few nougats. I kept trying to think myself out of eating all that, but I couldn’t fight it. I think the lack of sleep definitely contributed. I made myself hop in the shower just to get out of the kitchen, and was able to stop. I threw on my pj’s, but wanted to make some healthy snacks for the work week, so I threw both of these into the dehydrator:



Now, for that all important SLEEP!


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