Day 26 Trying To Find Balance

Today I woke up excited to eat the rest of my pancakes! Yum! Kegan said, “Those look picture worthy!”

I thought it was cute that he said that, so here’s a pic:


I sprinkled some popped amaranth on them, because I had a cup or so left from when I made the amaranth hemp protein poppers. I realized that I couldn’t eat all that I had made for myself, so I threw the leftovers in a container with a few amaranth poppers to have for emergency snacks at work. I made the rest of the quinoa cakes and packed those with some fresh spinach, carrots, some avocado, and a lime. I also brought some of my fresh made kale chips!

I got to work and the snow had started. They were talking about a lot of snow and unsafe conditions, so the store was a ghost town. I kept busy with projects and prepared for an event that we were scheduled to have in the cosmetic department that evening. I kept worrying that people were going to cancel, and it made me anxious. Also, I came in at ten, expecting to leave at six, but they scheduled an appointment for me at 6:30…ugh. I technically could’ve had someone else do it; but we had no business all day, and I felt guilty about doing that. So, I worked open until close. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when I stand all day, I’m really exhausted. The silver lining was a surprise call from Kegan telling me that he was waiting outside for me! What a treat!

I felt pretty ravenous when I got in the car, and I had my trusty apple to bite into! Yum! I needed something to tide me over until we could get dinner on the table. I also ate that last pancake and two poppers. That calmed me down. The quickest thing I could think to make was a coconut red curry soup from my Heidi Swanson cookbook:



I threw in a big handful of spinach and some cubed nigari tofu. Delicious. I ate some chocolate and fell into a comatose state. I felt disappointed because I ate so much food in the last two hours. I was going to make the chickpea nuggets, but I just turned off the oven and crashed on the couch. My feet were killing me, and I was wiped out.

Everyday is a learning day, and I’m realizing that I need to find balance. I’m so passionate about food, but I need to simplify. I also have noticed that when I get a good night’s sleep, I wake up early and get a lot done in the morning. I’m going to try to hit the hay early tonight so that I can feel ready for a productive day tomorrow, and have some meals ready. I’ve let my injera dough sit a few extra days, I think that should be okay. I like it sour…


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