Day 27 – Pulling It Together

Well, I have seen the effects of depriving myself of a few hours of sleep. Clearly, my body does not like it. I felt like I was getting ahead of the game by staying up late Sunday night, and it just made me crash by late Monday afternoon. I felt like I was behind on my week right off the bat! I’m working a six day stretch, and I need to be prepared with my meals!

Last night, I made myself get into bed at a decent hour to get a really good night’s rest. I woke up feeling better, still a bit overwhelmed, though. I wanted to make a smoothie to get some hydrating greens in me right off the bat. I went for my “Taffy Apple Smoothie”.

I made the mix for the buckwheat chickpea nuggets, but realized I wouldn’t have time to completely finish making them. I packed it into the fridge and got ready for work.

Today at work was slow, we’re at the “hump” of our event, and I don’t want to lose momentum. (We get a bonus for making our goal, so I don’t want to miss out)! I got a big return and was at a $0 day…ugh…things slowly but surely turned around.

I had my delicious coconut curry leftovers at lunch with some carrots. I also packed two amaranth poppers with some of my leftover berry compote to dip them in!

The rest of the day went by fine, and I was looking forward to making it to my second yoga class of the week since I had fallen behind. On Wednesdays, I have to sneak out ten minutes early to ensure I will get there on time…that didn’t happen. Someone came to the counter a little after 6:30 (I need to leave the store by 6:50), and I couldn’t deny her help just because I wanted to leave early. I was frustrated in the back of my mind, because I couldn’t go yesterday because of staying late at work. I finished with her right at 7:00, and then flew like a bat out of hell to my locker, ran out for the bus, saw that it wasn’t coming for six minutes, and rerouted to the train to head south and transfer to a different line north. It was a gamble, but the only way I could still make it. Phew!!! I got there with only moments to spare. Threw down a mat, and then quickly got changed. My teacher was so sweet, he started the class with the door open to wait for me to come in. He saw what I went through to get there as quickly as possible. I enjoyed a great class, and Kegan was waiting for me when I got out! I couldn’t accomplish these things without his support. I am so grateful.

Kegan also put together a pot of wild rice for us to have something to eat with some frozen portobello burgers we had for an emergency meal. I quickly steamed up some collards (I chopped them practicing my new knife skills from the YU video):

Super helpful! And sharp knives definitely make a world of difference!!!


I felt energized from my class, so as we had been heating up the burgers, I threw a pot of millet on the stove to make a double batch of the creamy millet kale salad.

This has been by far one of my favorite meals from the YU site! I want to make this for my omni friends and family, as I know this will make them converts! Now I’ve got lunch ready for tomorrow! Phew! I’m happy to feel back on track!


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