Day 28 – Plugging Along

Well, prepare yourself, this is what I woke up to in my kitchen this morning:


Sorry to gross you out. At least you didn’t have to smell it! This is what once was the starter for my Injera. It has now become a mold colony. So sad. I definitely pushed it too long, because I didn’t make the time to cook it up. That had been soaking since Sunday night. Maybe if I would’ve popped it into the fridge, I could’ve prevented that. Oh well, these things happen. I’ll try again on my days off, perhaps. Today was another Taffy Apple smoothie breakfast. I love getting my greens in at breakfast.

Moving along, I cooked up my pintos in a pot of water with kombu, chopped onion, and a dried pepper. I also made a large pot of quinoa. My lunch was ready since I made the creamy kale millet last night, so these could be possible dinner components. What I’m learning during this challenge is how to make maximum use of cooking time when I am at home. I like to use my morning window to cook up grains and legumes. They don’t require much “hands on” time; so I can throw them on, and I’m close by to keep an eye on them while I’m eating breakfast and getting ready for work. I am much more productive in the morning than at night, anyhow.

We had a good day at work today, we’re getting closer to our goal! Hopefully we can get it in sooner than later, since we only have through Sunday. I’ve been squeezing in my book at lunchtime (Born To Run), and it’s so fascinating! I’m at the part where Christopher McDougall talks about studies of Bushmen…the only remaining hunter gatherers still in existence. He talks about their eating and drinking habits. How they would chase around for food and how they always had to be prepared to race for their meals, etcetera etcetera. I’m probably not going to explain this as well as the book did, but it made me think of myself as a modern day hunter gatherer. Sometimes I get busy at work, and I can’t eat for a while…then I am ravenous, and I gorge myself. I feel like I need to remember to eat small amounts of food to never get up to that point. These are some of the pitfalls that I am noticing in this month of self reflection.

I went to my yoga class tonight, and this teacher does a nice balance of challenging and restorative poses in her classes, so it was just right for me after a long day at work. I needed to find my own way home tonight, because Kegan went to a Bulls game. I took the train home, and started walking home, only to panic that I couldn’t find my keys! I must’ve left them at home…fortunately, Kegan wasn’t too far from home. I was proud of the way I handled it, I didn’t take my frustration out on Kegan (because it wasn’t his fault), and I didn’t have a complete breakdown over it. I only had to wait a few minutes for Kegan, and fortunately one of my neighbors was coming home and let me into the building!

I was pretty hungry for dinner at this point, so I ate a few of my amaranth poppers, and heated up my beans and quinoa with some avocado and salsa. It was a very late dinner for me, but I didn’t stuff myself.


Anticipating that things may not always be under my control is definitely helping with my stress management and thus helping me from my overeating situations. Everyday is a new battle, but I’m getting better at handling it!


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