Day 30 – Out With A Bang!

Today was one of those days that reminded me why I strive to eat the way I do. I felt so balanced. Despite the chaos of a crazy day at work, I really handled things well.

The morning started out great. I had my basic Taffy Apple Smoothie (that I have not tired of yet), and Kegan drove me to work! It was one of those Saturdays where everything hit at once. Absolutely nothing happened for the first three hours…and then all of a sudden, it was a madhouse! I was about to go to lunch, and my dear friend Katherine (who I call my “muse”) texted and asked if she could come by in ten minutes to get her make up done. She used to work with me, and is now at a different retailer and I miss our make up sessions. She really helped build my confidence, because she always loved the way I did her make up and always put her complete trust in my hands. I gladly accommodated her, planning to go to lunch after that. Then an old client who I hadn’t seen in a long time walked up! I knew I had to work with her because she needed quite a few things, and I didn’t want to send her away. So, by 3:30 or so, I was finally able to go to lunch! I had been chugging my water all morning, and I think it kept my balance in check.

I brought a big bowl of rainbow quinoa and pintos, topped with avocado, lime juice, and salsa. It was the perfect fuel to keep me going. Reminding myself that I didn’t need to eat any of my other “emergency snacks”, that I wasn’t going to STARVE, I read some more of my book, and digested. The rest of the day went great, I kept myself busy, cleaning up, and preparing our work stations with supplies to be ready for a “smooth operation” with our make up appointments. We made our bonus, by the way! Hooray! And we went way over, with an extra day to spare!

I told Kegan not to pick me up, because I wanted the fresh air and a bit of a walk during my commute home. I knew he had been cleaning the apartment all day, and would appreciate a break from battling city traffic on a Saturday night to pick me up. I wasn’t tired, so why bother him?! Usually on Saturdays, I’m wiped out. But, I found the energy to whip up dinner when I came home!

Thankfully, most of the work had been done. I warmed the chickpea buckwheat nuggets on the stove, made the ranch dressing, heated up some wild rice, and steamed up some kale!


Delicious! I feel like this way of eating has really helped me manage my stress levels. It’s an awesome feeling. I’m going to relax with my honey and a cup of tea, and retire early for another vibrant day! One more day of work until my “weekend”!


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