Day 31?

So, my food challenge officially ended yesterday. But I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself and this is just the beginning!

A few things:

I don’t drink enough water

My portion sizes are often bigger than my body needs.

I need to stay out of the kitchen at night, because I sneak food in, and eat unconsciously.

Sweets at night usually end in trouble for me.

That’s just a couple of things.

So, lately I’m drinking more water; putting smaller portions on my plate (just to see how I feel, I can always have seconds); and trying to stay out of the kitchen at night! I’m too weak at the end of the day to have any kind of self control, so that’s my plan.

I made the rest of the nuggets this morning that I had made a few days ago. And I also made these cookies:



The cookies were yummy! To rewind, I started drinking a huge bottle of water this morning while doing all this stuff in the kitchen to hydrate before eating anything. I drank a ton, and felt really energized. I also ate a grapefruit and two small cookies.

I drove partway to work, and parked and walked to get in some exercise. I had another cookie at work, because my friend made the same recipe last night! Yum! I had chickpea buckwheat nuggets with quick steamed kale and some quinoa. My energy levels were great today!

We made a Mexican feast tonight. I took the crema from YU’s black bean soup recipe and made that to serve over my pintos that I sautéed in some Mexican spices with red peppers and onion. Kegan made a pot of brown rice, and I whipped up some guacamole.

I made a smallish looking plate, and I savored each bite.



It was all I needed! We chatted on the phone with Kegan’s parents and cleaned up. I made a cup of chamomile and will start a new book!


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